The lineup for Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest 2013 was announced today! We are beyond excited to be included in the lineup this year! We are in total disbelief that we will be performing among the likes of Iggy Pop & the Stooges and Social Distortion.

Big thanks to all of our fans for continuing to come out to our shows. You all played a huge role in us being invited to play this truly awesome event whether you know it or not. Thank you.

You can purchase your passes at:


We are excited to announce that Blackmarket Syndicate is now integrated into the “Music Genome Project”, more commonly known as Pandora Internet Radio!

So get over to Pandora and check out BLACKMARKET SYNDICATE RADIO! With any luck, our tunes will be popping up on the stations of similar artists in no time, introducing our music to new fans all over the country.

Thank all of you who have come out to our shows, given us a place to crash, cooked us meals, picked up our records/ shirts, written us killer reviews, shared our music & videos around the web, or just told friends to check us out. It means literally everything to us.

And The Peasants Rejoiced release date announcement!

At long last, the follow up to our debut album, Why Do We Even Try? will be unveiled to the world on April 21st 2012. We wholeheartedly apologize for the tremendous delay of the record. We assure you that no one has been more irritated by it being continually postponed than we have.We are however pleased to finally announce the official Time’s Up Record release of And The Peasants Rejoiced. The 11 song album will be available on both vinyl(with free digital download card) and digital formats on our website as well as all major online retailers.

In anticipation of the street date of the album, wehave posted the music video for one of our new songs called “Plead The 5th”. We had a lot of fun making the video and are glad that so many of our friends were able to be there to help us film it. We are also streaming a few of the other new songs on our reverbnation page and will be posting some more videos in the weeks leading up to the album’s release date. The video for “Plead The 5th” can be seen at:

In addition to the new album, we are also gonna have a whole slew of new rad merch which we cant wait to show everyone. Our release show will be held at Fitzgerald’s in our hometown of Houston Texas where we will be joined by our good friends Skeleton Dick, Dead To The World and the American Heist. Hope you can make it out!

To wrap it up… The production of this record has been a real heck of a process. We hope that some of you can identify with the songs and be inspired by it in the same way we have with many many other records. We thank all of you who have been there and held us up from day one, and promise that our next release will not take a fraction of the time to come out as this one did. To inspire a little good faith… We do have about 30 new songs written and demoed that we have to work with for album #3.

Best regards.